Fall 2019 Dining Options

Fall Term 2019 - Spring Term 2020

What's Coming to Dartmouth Dining

We’re excited to announce upcoming improvements to our plans for 2019-2020 and the way students access dining today, based on student comments and preferences. Two of the most exciting pieces are the new Ivy Standard Unlimited plan and the announcement that ’53 Commons will be open continuously from 7:30 am to 8:30 pm. Simply put, you get what you want, when you want it.

With the Ivy Standard Unlimited plan you essentially have a membership that allows you to come and go within some basic parameters, so there’s no longer a need to count or accumulate meal swipes AND you’ll get passes to bring friends to ’53 Commons.  And yes, you can still eat elsewhere with meal equivalents or get meals-to-go from ’53 Commons. There are other plans too, including 115 and 80 meal Block+ plans, a 5 Meals Weekly plan, as well as On-Campus and Off-Campus Apartment plans.

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Plans Offered

Ivy Standard Unlimited

The Ivy Standard is Dartmouth's preferred dining plan. It is designed to provide the best service and flexibility for the broadest range of student needs. This new plan gives students unlimited access to 53 Commons every day. The plan also includes $250 Dining Dollars to use at our cafés, snack bars, and at college-operated athletic concessions. First year students experience the ultimate in dining with automatic enrollment in the Ivy Standard Unlimited.

Cost per term $2,165

115 Block+

The plan includes 115 dining opportunities per term and $475 Dining Dollars.

Cost per term $1,935

80 Block+

The plan includes 80 dining opportunities per term and $725 Dining Dollars.

Cost per term $1,900

5 Meals Weekly

The plan provides five dining opportunities each week and $1,025 Dining Dollars.

Cost per term $1,915

On-Campus Apartment

The plan is for students who live in designated on-campus apartments including Maxwell, Channing Cox, the Ledyard apartments, or North Park apartments. It includes 35 opportunities per term and $975 Dining Dollars.

Cost per term $1,550

Off-Campus Apartment

This plan is the minimum requirement for any enrolled undergraduate student who is not living on campus. It offers $1,000 Dining Dollars.

Cost per term $1,000

Questions and Answers About the New Dining Plans

Why are you making these changes?

We are committed to giving Dartmouth students the best program at the best price point. We regularly review our dining plans and have listened to changes proposed by our customers. We hope our new plans meet students’ needs, deliver good value, and are valued by our communities.

To confirm our thinking, we looked at dining plans from Bowdoin, Harvard, Yale, UMass Amherst, Cornell, University of Connecticut, and other schools, and believe that what we offer is as good as or better than these benchmarks.

What are the most important features of the new plans?

We want to make sure students feel they can get what they want, when they want it. There is an important challenge we want to recognize, “food insecurity”. This term means for some reason or another you are prevented from feeling like you are able to get what you require because you need to budget, calculate, skip, or skimp to make your meal allotment last. Our goal is to have the plans and the structure to take care of everyone and remove as many of the challenges as we can. We can’t solve every problem, but Dartmouth’s financial aid plans and programs are specifically designed to make sure meal plans are fully covered. For students on plans other than the Ivy Standard, we want to make sure the plan they have truly cover their needs.

What does it mean to have an UNLIMITED plan?

The new Ivy Standard is an Unlimited plan. Think of it like having a season pass or a membership. You can eat at ’53 Commons from morning ‘till night and you don’t need to worry about counting visits. As with a membership, you get additional benefits, which help give you that added flexibility. You have to-go options, you can bring friends, and you can choose to eat at other places if you prefer.

If I use Dining Dollars at 8:30am at Collis Cafe can I use a swipe at 10:00am at 53 Commons?

Yes, of course, you can! You can use dining dollars any time you want; it may make sense to if you are eating at two different facilities within the same time block. BUT, next year if you have the unlimited plan, you can also just stop into ’53 at the beginning of your morning for a cup of coffee and a muffin, go to class, and then come back and sit down for breakfast at ’53 after that with no additional charge as both visits are covered under the unlimited plan, and you can still come back multiple times later in the day.

If I live off campus could I buy the Ivy Standard Unlimited plan?

Yes, of course, you can, everyone is eligible to buy that plan. The off-campus plan was created to accommodate students living off-campus who want to cook their own meals, but we’ve found that’s a small minority of students. You can select whichever dining plan best suits YOUR needs.