How Green2Go Works

Full-time members of the Dartmouth community can join the program with a $10.00 investment.

When entering 53 Commons, indicate you would like to take your meal to-go when swiping in.

  • Join the sustainable to-go program
  • Exchange an empty used container or a carabiner for a clean container

Take your meal to-go in the sanitized reusable container provided (see guidelines below).

After you have finished your take-out meal:

  • Exchange the empty used container for your next meal to-go
  • Exchange the empty used container for a carabiner at any of the following locations:
    • 53 Commons
    • Novack Cafe
    • ramekin
    • Collis Cafe

Repeat! Reduce Waste! Help the Big Green be Green!

Please return used containers as promptly as possible to keep plenty in circulation.

If you do not provide a carabiner or used to-go container when checking in for your meal, you will need to join the program again.

Take Out Guidelines

All food must fit inside the container, with the lid closed, following the guidelines and exceptions below:

  • A maximum of two entrees may be taken to-go
  • A maximum of ONE bowl may be taken outside the container for soup, cereal, cut fruit, yogurt, or ice cream
  • Beverage cups my only be used to take beverages. Only one beverage may be taken to-go
  • One piece of hand fruit OR one dessert item may be taken outside of the container
  • You may refill your beverage upon leaving the dining hall. If must be contained in a travel mug/reusable cup only and must be 32oz or less.

You will have 15 minutes in the servery to collect your meal. The register attendant will hold on to your ID card while you are in the servery collecting your meal. If you have chosen to take your meal to-go, you cannot stay and eat in at 53 Commons. Violation of these policies will result in being charged the full retail price for a second meal.

Foods served int eh dining hall is available to students on an all-you-care-to-eat basis and may not be taken out without the use of a Green2Go container. Guests are expected to conduct themselves in the dining hall in a manner respectful to other diners. Misuse of food and/or removal of dining hall property is prohibited and is subject to disciplinary action.

Thank you for your cooperation.