About Dartmouth Dining

Dining is an important part of campus life. As a College-operated department, we have the flexibility to create an outstanding custom experience for every guest, every day.

Our Mission & Vision

Our Mission: To create a community experience in an inclusive environment that nurtures the culture of engagement, education and sustainability while providing service excellence.

Our Vision: An exceptional team delivering attentive service with delicious and nutritious food resulting in an outstanding experience.

Our Guiding Principles

Accept Accountability

Each associate accepts responsibility for their tasks, commitments, and personal actions. We will hold one another accountable while we proactively seek to address and resolve any issues that arise out of our daily work.

Contribute Value

As members of the Dartmouth community, we appreciate the contribution every individual makes to the each other and the overall dining experience. Our value is defined by the positive difference each of us makes every day to our guests and each other in support of our overall success and mission.

Trust One Another

We believe in each other. We pledge to never compromise our personal integrity. Trust is reflected in our practices, policies, and daily interactions.


We realize we are better when we work together. We will assist each other regardless of our roles to achieve success and our mission. Our motto is “How can I help?”

Service Excellence

Every encounter is an opportunity to make a positive impact and impression. By consistently exceeding and delivering on guest expectations, we will create memorable experiences and continually improve our program.

Communication is Critical

We will focus on being exceptional listeners and communicators encouraging open, honest constructive feedback and dialog to improve guest experiences and our program. Everyone is free to communicate their thoughts and suggestions in support of our overall success and mission.

A Positive Workplace

We strive to find the good in each situation, taking time to appreciate what has been contributed by each person. Blaming and negatively are neither accepted nor tolerated. A “can-do “attitude and unwavering optimism shall be our style.

Having Fun is Important

We actively work to create an atmosphere where people not only complete their work, but also have fun while being productive and serving our guests. A smile and laugh should be contagious.