Dining Plan Management

Track Your Spending

GET is a service provided by Campus Billing and DartCard Services that enables students to track spending and account balances on all of your Dartmouth ID Card accounts, just like an online banking service. GET is also available as an app for Android from Google Plan and iOS devices from the Apple App Store.

Dining Plan Corrections

If you notice an error in your dining plan transactions, email Dartmouth Dining.

Changing Your Dining Plan

All first-year students are committed to the Ivy Unlimited dining plan for their first year (fall, winter, and spring terms).

Also, all matriculating transfer students and new exchange students (without a previous D-Plan) will be committed to the Ivy Unlimited dining plan for the fall term as they will be taking part in orientation meals. Then, exchange students would be eligible to change beginning with the following winter term dining plan selection period.

Other students may request a change to their dining plan through StarPortal from the time the current term's tuition bill is received up until the third day of classes each term.

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