Dining Plan Management

Sign-up for a dining plan

First-year students are enrolled in the Ivy Standard plan. Upperclass students' plans default to the same dining plan used the previous term.

Change Your Dining Plan

If you want to change plans, please do so before the beginning of the term. Requests to change your plan should be made online by going to the DartCard Services website. Requests are processed individually and may not appear in your account for several days. Following are key 2018 dates to keep in mind:

  • Aug. 30 - dining plan begins for first year students
  • Sept. 9 - dining plan begins for returning students
  • Sept. 14 at 4 pm. - deadline to change a meal plan

Any changes processed after the beginning of the term will be prorated according to the portion of the term spent on both plans.

Track Your Spending

GET Funds is a service provided by Campus Billing and DartCard Services that allows students to track spending and account balances on all of your Dartmouth ID Card accounts, just like an online banking service. GET Mobile is also available as an app for Android and iOS devices.

When setting up your GET account, use your Dartmouth email account for easier tech support.