Allergen & Menu Symbols

Food Labeling

Every recipe made in Dartmouth Dining outlets is labeled with the appropriate food allergen and/or menu classification symbols.

A9 at Dartmouth

All menu items labeled with the "A9" classification are free of the TOP 9 most common allergens – dairy, egg, fish, shellfish, peanuts, tree nuts, soy, wheat, and sesame seeds.

We are aware and understand how serious and possibly life-threatening food allergies can be, so we prepare all menu offerings using proper food handling methods. Our culinarians and dining staff are trained and certified in the MenuTrinfo allergy training program (ANAB Accreditation). The A9 identifier makes dining with us easier and safer than ever so everyone can enjoy a great meal regardless of specific dietary needs or restrictions because of food allergies, medicals conditions, and/or lifestyle preferences. 

A dedicated A9 station is now open '53 Commons! Click here to learn more.

A9 open 2

A9 open 2

A9 open

A9 open

Eliminating cross-contact

To eliminate chances of cross-contact, please ask staff to serve you food that has not yet been placed on serving lines.

Contact our staff dietitian, Elizabeth Rosenberger, RDN with questions or for accomodations.