Kosher & Halal Dining

Freshly prepared kosher or halal meals and other menu options are included in all dining plans at no additional cost.

Kosher Dining at the Pavilion

The Pavilion, located in '53 Commons, was the first kosher restaurant in the state of New Hampshire open to the public, and meets high standards for kashrut.

Rabbinical supervision of our dairy-free kitchen is provided by the rabbi at Tablet K. Our staff also works with the Roth Center for Jewish Life at Dartmouth to provide kosher proteins and groceries for student-prepared Shabbos meals.


The Pavilion is open for dinner from Sunday through Thursday and for lunch from Monday through Friday. The Pavilion is closed during the High Holidays when meals are served at the Roth Center.

Other Kosher Dining Options

If you can’t make it to ’53 Commons, we offer kosher meals prepared by Vermont Kosher at the Courtyard Café during the fall, winter, and spring terms, and at Collis Café during the summer.

Halal Dining at '53 Commons

Halal menu items are prepared throughout '53 Commons every day. Options range from grilled chicken prepared on dedicated equipment at the Grill, to pizzas from the Hearth. Haram ingredients are treated as allergens, and efforts are made to prevent any cross-contamination.

We work closely with Al Nur, Dartmouth’s Muslim student association, to provide a variety of options that fit many tastes and provide a variety of options.