Nutritional Information

Dartmouth Dining is committed to serving a wide variety of delicious and wholesome meals. Sharing a meal with friends not only nourishes the body and mind, but builds a sense of community and enhances the out-of-classroom experience.

Healthy Choices

Our staff strive to serve nutritious and innovative food options. We believe that making smart meal choices help you be at your best.

It’s simple and convenient to find all ingredient and nutrient information for our menu offerings. With your smartphone, laptop. or desktop, you can easily review our menus, which include nutritional and allergy information.

Nutrition Kiosks

In ‘53 Commons and Courtyard Cafe, there are nutrition literacy kiosks that enables guests to view ingredient and nutritional information for all menu items offered in the building.

Dartmouth Peak Performance Fueling Stations

To help ensure competitive athletes properly fuel their bodies, Dartmouth has a Fueling Station, located in the Floren Varsity House, where balanced snack items such as fruit, nuts, milks, eggs and bars are offered. Nutrition advice is also provided through Peak Tips, geared towards sports nutrition and informing athletes about nutrition.

The program coordinator, Beth Wolfgram, is the Coordinator of Nutrition Programs at Dartmouth Health Services and DP2 Sports Nutritionist. DP2, which stands for Dartmouth Peak Performance, is a multi-disciplinary program designed to position students to achieve the highest levels of physical, intellectual and personal growth during their careers as Dartmouth student-athletes.

Certificate of Conformity

Certificate of Conformity