Dining Plan Options

We are committed to offering students a wide variety of food options, and a variety of dining plans to meet their dining needs.

Meal Plan Dates And Deadlines

Spring term meal plans end on June 4th for non-graduating students after dinner.

For students graduating this June, spring term meal plans end after Commencement. 

Summer term meal plans begin on June 18th. 

The deadline for changing summer term meal plans is June 22nd by 11:59 p.m. 

Summer term meal plans end on August 27th.

The following options are for returning students

All first-year students are committed to the Ivy Unlimited dining plan for their first year (fall, winter, and spring terms).

Also, all matriculating transfer students and new exchange students (without a previous D-Plan) will be committed to the Ivy Unlimited dining plan for the fall term as they will be taking part in orientation meals. Then, exchange students would be eligible to change beginning with the following winter term dining plan selection period.


Ivy Unlimited Plan

The Ivy Unlimited is Dartmouth's preferred dining plan. It provides the ultimate in food access, with unlimited entry to our flagship dining hall, Class of 1953 Commons, as well as the option to use a meal equivalency at our participating cafés during operating hours or to take a meal to-go from '53 Commons during its operating hours. The plan also includes 5 guest passes as well as $250 in Dining Dollars per term. 

  • Cost per term: $2,447


115 Block Plus Plan

The plan includes 115 swipes and $475 in Dining Dollars per term.

  • Cost per term: $2,150


80 Block Plus Plan

The plan includes 80 swipes and $725 in Dining Dollars per term.

  • Cost per term: $2,130


On-Campus Apartment Plan

The plan is for students who live in designated on-campus apartments including Channing Cox, Ledyard Apartments, and Maxwell & North Park Apartments (Ivy Lane & North Park St.). It includes 45 swipes and $975 in Dining Dollars per term.

  • Cost per term: $1,720


Off-Campus Plan

This plan is optional for any enrolled undergraduate student who is not living on campus. It offers $850 in Dining Dollars per term.

  • Cost per term: $850
Update from Campus Services

Dining for students living locally off campus

Enrolled undergraduate students not living in College housing are not required to participate in our dining plans, but are encouraged to consider the purchase of one to stay nourished and engaged in the College community. 

Dining Plan Options for 2023/2024

On-Campus Apartment Plan

Off-Campus Plan

Frequently Asked Questions

If I live off-campus in an apartment or house, can I buy a meal plan?
Yes. All students who are authorized to be at Dartmouth College can have a meal plan with Dining and access all our properties. Off-campus students can add any of the meal plans offered to their student account, so that they can join their friends for a great nutritious meal at an unbeatable value.

What does it mean to have an UNLIMITED plan?
The Ivy Unlimited plan is kind of like having a ski season pass or a gym membership. With it, you can dine-in and eat at '53 Commons from morning 'til night and you don't need to worry about counting swipes or visits. Stop by as many times per meal period as you would like! As with any membership, you get additional benefits, which only add to its great value; to-go meals from '53 Commons and the ability to use the plan at our other dining facilities when you like.

What is a meal period and how do they work with an unlimited meal plan?  
Our day is made up of three meal periods: breakfast (7:00 a.m. - 10:59 a.m.), lunch (11:00 a.m. - 3:59 p.m.), and dinner (4:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.). Each meal period offers the ability to have unlimited dine-in at '53 Commons (7:00 a.m. - 8:30 p.m.) or make another selection; meal to-go from '53 Commons or meal equivalency at our participating cafes. A choice is made each meal period when you use your meal plan.  

Where are meal equivalencies available for use?
A meal equivalency or swipe can be used at these participating cafes: Collis Café, Courtyard Café, and Novack Café. Values for meal equivalencies are $5.25 for breakfast, $7.75 for lunch, $10.00 for dinner, and $5.25 after 9:00 p.m.

Where are Dining Dollars accepted?
Dining Dollars are accepted at these participating locations: Novack Café, ramekin, Collis Café, Courtyard Café, The Fern, Café @ Baker, Back of the Napkin Café, '53 Commons, and our residential snack bars located in House Center B, the McLaughlin Cluster, and the East Wheelock cluster.

What happens if I run out of Dining Dollars?
Your student account will be charged for purchases if you have exhausted your Dining Dollar balance. Charges will show up monthly on your account for payment.

Will Dining Dollar balances at the end of any term roll-over to the next term?
Yes, up to $100 in remaining balance of Dining Dollars will roll-over from one term to the next until they expire at the end of commencement that year. 

If I use a meal equivalency at 8:30 a.m. at the Collis Café can I then use a meal swipe at 10:30 a.m. at '53 Commons with the Ivy Unlimited plan?
You would not be able to do that with the Ivy Unlimited plan, as you had already made a choice for that breakfast meal period by using the meal equivalency at the Collis Café. At the beginning of each meal period you essentially must choose between three options: dining at '53 Commons and swiping in as many times as you like, getting one to-go meal from '53 Commons, or using one meal equivalency at one of our cafés. However, you can continue to use Dining Dollars and other forms of payment to supplement your meals at our other facilities.

On the other hand, our 115 Block Plus and 80 Block Plus would allow you to use two swipes each meal period for two of the three options available; a meal equivalency at a participating cafe, a meal to-go from '53 Commons, or dine-in at '53 commons. Remember though, with at least 10 weeks in every term those meal swipes can go fast and be depleted this way before the end of the term.

What are Discretionary Dollars and how do they work?
Discretionary Dollars reside on your student ID and is an account preloaded with funds which can then be used. They are accepted at Collis Market and all snackbar locations on campus. We recommend that students make their intent clear with the cashier before having their ID card swiped. Otherwise, your Dining Charging account may be used to pay for the transaction instead of your Discretionary Dollars account. 

What is Dining Charging and how does it work?
Dining Charging resides on your student ID and it functions like a credit card. The balance on your Dining Charging account will be charged to the student account at the end of each month. No action is needed to "activate" the Dining Charging account as it is already enabled for every undergraduate student. Please keep in mind that it has two purposes:
1. If the student uses up their Dining Dollars, then dining transactions would be covered by their Dining Charging account.
2. If the student goes to Collis Market, the Dining Charging account can be used to pay for transactions. We recommend that the student communicate with the cashier at the time of sale to make their intent clear.

If I don't have the Ivy Unlimited plan, how often can I use a meal swipe at '53 Commons per meal period?
You can use your 115 Block Plus or 80 Block Plus up to two times within each of the three meal periods daily.

What if I have a food allergy?
We can satisfy your food allergy concerns. Please let us know if you have anything we should know about to serve you. Our Dietitian and Chef are here for you. You can reach them by email at dartmouth.dining@dartmouth.edu or by phone at 603-646-9701.

How do I change my dining plan?
Request to change your dining plan online through the DartCard Services office from the time the current term's tuition bill is released up until 4:00 p.m. on the third day of class.