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We welcome your feedback, particularly on how we're keeping safe our students with allergies, celiac disease or other dietary restrictions. Send comments to Beth Rosenberger, RDN or to Dartmouth Dining.

Our Testimonials

I serve on the board of the Food Allergy Research & Education and I appreciate all that you are doing for students with food allergies.

~ Amie Rappoport McKenna


I am writing to express my deepest thanks and appreciation after speaking with you during my daughter’s application process to Dartmouth College. 

I called with several questions regarding the college's ability to accommodate my daughter’s Celiac Disease should she be offered admission. You could not have been more generous with information and left me feeling reassured that she would be cared for in a genuine and professional way.

One of my hesitations before calling was that my daughter was a prospective student and not an admitted student at the time of our conversation. However, you took the time to fully answer all my questions and left me with a lasting, and especially positive, impression of Dietary and Health Services and Dartmouth College. With kind regards,

Lisa, parent of prospective student


Thank you so much for talking with my daughter and helping her with the process of obtaining a meal for her weekend away rugby games. With the addition of soy and barley to her many food allergies, eating away from Dartmouth or home has become challenging. You have been such a great help to her over the last couple of years, and I appreciate it very much.

Linda, a grateful parent


You have always been extremely helpful and kind and understanding and really go above and beyond for food allergic kids. Most people “don’t see all the work behind the scenes.”

Remember, you cannot please everyone - there will always be someone who complains. But, also remember, you have really been amazing with food allergy kids and we are so appreciative of that. Thanks for all you do!

Anne-Marie,  a grateful parent